¿Que es la obesidad?

La obesidad es un estado en el que la Masa Grasa esta acumulada en exceso.

Es debido principalmente a una sobrealimentación y a la inexistenxia de ejercicio físico y no es estrictamente un exceso de peso.


¿Cual es la relación entre obesidad y peso?
Peso y altura cuadrado

El índice de masa corporal (BMI) es un cálculo que valora el peso corporal con respecto a la altura. Es una fórmula útil, pero sin embargo, no fué diseñado para pronosticar la composición real del cuerpo.

No puede diferenciar si el peso es debido a la grasa o al músculo y resto de componentes del cuerpo. El factor dañino del peso, es cuando este se debe a la Grasa.

Es muy importante saber la proporción de Grasa del cuerpo, en esto se basa el  nuevo concepto de Estado Fisiológico según la cantidad de Grasa.

Cantidad de Grasa Cuadrado

Esta medida es posible gracias a la impedanciometria. Esta técnica de la que disponemos en nuestra Clínica, permite ver la cantidad de Grasa que tienen los pacientes y ver como esta su estado de salud, pudiendolo clasificar en:

  • Bajo
  • Saludable
  • Alto
  • Obeso


La Obesidad, es siempre un exceso de Grasa y no de peso.

Todos conocemos sujetos que tienen un peso elevado, pero no son obesos. Son sujetos que cuidan su cuerpo, hacen ejercicio y a pesar de tener un peso elevado, su proporción de Grasa es baja. No son obesos y este es el ideal que deberíamos perseguir.


En Clínica mar, todas las pautas nutricionales van enfocadas a perder Grasa y aumentar Masa muscular, somo especialistas en este sentido.


Consúltenos y recuerde que el análisis de su composición corporal mediante impedianciometria es totalmente gratuíto para usted.

Es un análisis muy detallado que mira la composición corporal no global, sino diferenciando entre las diferentes partes del cuerpo, concretamente entre brazos, piernas y abdomen.


Este análisis es la base de un Diagnóstico correcto, base fundamental para que el tratamiento sea exitoso.


Usted podra decidir cual de nuestras pautas y métodos dietéticos se adaptan a usted, pero que siempre se basan en alcanzar el objetivo fundamental de perder grasa y aumentar masa mucular.

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    In other words, they follow a strategy from start to finish, and the length is born out of the structure created by that strategy. So let’s look at a good selling strategy which will provide the structure for all of your sales writing…
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  6. п»їIBS Support: 5 Frequently Asked Questions about Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    I have been a holistic gastroenterologist for over 3 decades, and my line of work involves providing people with IBS support. This has brought me into contact with many clients who ask a lot of questions out of curiosity about their condition. There were some queries that kept recurring.
    So, I decided to come up with a collection of questions that are frequently asked as far as my IBS support practice is concerned.
    Q: Can IBS be classified as an Auto-Immune Disease?
    A: Inflammatory Bowel Disease can certainly not be classified as an auto-immune disease because it is definitely not a disease at all. When one looks at it critically, you will note that the immune system does not attack the colon in IBS, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, or Crohn’s disease. On the contrary, your immune system does its job by trying to help you.
    A good example is if I cut my finger. The immune system will take charge of the situation and it works by a means referred to as “compliment.” This is an old-school term that explains how the immune system goes about doing its work. The immune system usually becomes active locally and it acts by preventing the finger from getting infected. As much as it is active in this process, I cannot blame my immunity system for my cut finger. The same concept can be applied to the colon. In as much as the immune system becomes active, it cannot be held responsible for damaging the colon lining. On the contrary, it tries to act to prevent infection while at the same time trying to facilitate the healing process. Yet we still prescribe some drugs to help suppress the immune system.
    Q: Can IBS be caused by NSAIDS?
    A: One can easily get NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs over the counter. There are some, like aspirin and ibuprofen, which do not need a prescription. These are not known to cause IBS directly. They may cause stomach upsets due to their acidity but they are not responsible for conditions like IBD. However, they may worsen an already existing situation, especially before antibiotics have been used. Because of this, the NSAID may be able to penetrate the porous mucosal lining and end up irritating the wall of the GI tract.
    Q: Is IBD hereditary?
    A: This is not exactly the case. There may be some genetic tendencies for some body systems to develop a weakness towards a particular disease. As far as the gastro-intestinal problems are concerned, people do not get IBD without there being other underlying factors. What does “run in the family” are people who frequently use antibiotics. This environmental factor may affect the genetic tendencies and increase the chances of getting Crohn’s disease or IBS.
    Q: Some of my doctors are recommending the use of colonics as a means of increasing my fiber. Is that an idea worth taking up?
    A: This is not recommended because it will only worsen the situation. Considering the colon lining is already inflamed, it is not a good idea to worsen this by dragging roughage over it. It is, however, a good idea to eat a diet that is low in fiber.
    Q: Why is it hard for some Naturopaths to fix leaky gut syndrome?
    A: Naturopaths are paths are good at treating most general problems. Problems that affect the colon are very complex and thus require Naturopaths who specialize in them. Unfortunately, most of them shy away from this condition. I have been dealing with this for 30 plus years to the point of developing my own Gastro-enterology method.
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